Download the presentation from the sector track briefing on agribusiness here: Presentation (agribusiness).pdf

Argentina is an internationally recognized agricultural country, and the sector is an essential element of the country’s economy. Especially the production of meat (beef, poultry, and porcine), soya and dairy products contributes positively.

Today, Argentina produces food products for about 400 million people with the aim of doubling this figure within 5-10 years. The ambition requires increased productivity, efficiency, and food safety but for a number of years, the industry has suffered from underinvestment. The need for increased productivity has strengthened the demand for new technology and know-how, which allows for Danish exports and investments.

A Danish Business Delegation visited Argentina in Dec 2017 and was very well received in Buenos Aires and in Córdoba. Both destinations generated business opportunities.

Interested companies will furthermore have the opportunity to commence the business trip with a pre-tour to Chile (Meat Industry) and extend the trade delegation to Brazil.