Download the presentation from the sector track briefing on sustainability here: Presentation (Sustainability).pdf

Argentina is betting on clean energy transition and seeks to create more liveable and accessible cities as a means to continue the push for economic growth. The Government has adopted the ambitious energy reform, Plan RenovAr, aiming at 20 % renewable energy production by 2025 – with a 1.5 GW of new wind added capacity annually.

In the same context, the water sector is progressing with an impressive pace, and the national water plan, “Plan Nacional de Agua”, seeks to create access to clean drinking water and organized sewerage systems for 100 % and 75 % of the urban population respectively. USD 9.5bn has been earmarked, and in greater Buenos Aires the local water utility provider, AySA, is planning to implement more than 300 water projects in the coming years.

Argentina has a high urbanisation rate with app. 90 % of the population living in urban areas, and the Argentine authorities are implementing new and ambitious initiatives for turning cities into a cleaner, safer and more enjoyable places.

Interested companies will furthermore have the opportunity to extend the trade delegation to Chile.