Argentina has re-emerged as a constructive international player. The Government’s reforms have fuelled international interest in new trade and investment opportunities in the country, where there is demand for many of the core competencies of Danish companies. Denmark and Argentina share a common history - and today also many visions and values of creating growth and jobs through innovation and trade. Both countries are strong supporters of free trade between the EU and Mercosur, making Argentina an important partner for Denmark. Although Argentina is experiencing an economic downturn, there is a forecast for economic turnaround in the course of 2019 based on a standoff agreement with IMF, the government’s strong business orientation, and commitment to reforming and leaning of the public sector expenditure.

The potential for Danish exports and investments in Argentina is primarily due to the Argentinian focus on clean energy transition, and the importance of the country’s internationally recognized agricultural sector. At the same time, medical and pharmaceutical products are the most important Danish export category to Argentina, representing almost 50 % of the Danish export in 2017.