Etiquette for event organisers and hosts

Official welcome

As Their Royal Highnesses the Crown Prince Couple approach the event, a moderator/speaker or host may prepare the guests, and ensure a receiving line is set up. It is not necessary to ask people to rise for their entrance, but likely people will as a reflex, so please make sure you have a minute for this in the program.

Once Their Royal Highnesses are in the room, the moderator/speaker or host may welcome them to the event. This is not mandatory but it may come naturally when Their Royal Highnesses enter into a large room with many guests.

The following phrase may be used: “It is an honor to welcome Your Royal Highness(es) to the seminar.”

Food and refreshments

There are no etiquette restrictions.


If Their Royal Highnesses  are to be seated during the event, please make sure that seat is assigned for them. However, there is no need to provide special chairs.


Gifts are not required, nor expected. The following are some guidelines if you do wish to present a gift:

Please advise the Danish Embassy in advance about the presentation of the gift.

Gifts are to be handed to the Chamberlain/Lady-in-Waiting or Embassy staff and not directly to Their Royal Highnesses.

Any gift given should be relevant and closely tied to the event or company.

No press should be present when the gifts are given.

Please also note that Their Royal Highnesses will not be giving a gift in exchange.


The number of guests depends on the venue space. Please make sure that the place is not too crowded. Remember to include venue staff, company staff, company CEO, accompanying entourage of Their Royal Highnesses, Embassy staff, organisers, photographers, journalists, and other guests in your calculation. It should be easy for Their Royal Highnesses  to circulate freely.

A red carpet is allowed to be used at the entrance but is not a requirement.