Business etiquette

Social conventions in South Korea are more conservative than those in Denmark. This being said, foreigners are generally given more leeway in regards to abiding by local customs and common courtesy is accepted.



A bow, in combination with a handshake, is customary in Korea. The deeper one bows, the more a person shows respect.


Business cards

As the exchange of business cards in South Korea is considered polite when meeting a person for the first time, it is highly recommended to bring plenty. Business card are – like everything else - received and given with both hands.


Dress code

Business attire at all formal events. In May, temperatures average 18 °C.


Food and drinks

Chopsticks are the preferred tableware and knives and forks are generally only used when eating Western foods. When eating with chopsticks, do not stick them into a bowl of rice, as this has a negative connotation in relation to Korean funerals.

It is considered polite to pour drinks for others, which should always be done using both hands.