Korea – an innovative, but ageing society

Like Denmark, South Korea is facing the challenge of rapidly becoming an aging society, which will dramatically drive up healthcare expenditure. The ageing of the Korean population is the fastest among OECD countries and in addition, Korea has the lowest fertility rate in the world. Still highly dependent on imported solutions and products, the South Korean government and population is highly interested in advanced solutions to help accommodate the high and more complex healthcare needs caused by the current demographic transitions.

In the future, the need for specialised and affordable healthcare services will increase, leading to more South Korean interest in advanced Danish solutions targeting the ageing society and innovative solutions to health care challenges.

Danish solutions to South Korean challenges

The increased optimization of the South Korean healthcare system to cater for the increasingly demanding population creates market opportunities in the medical device industry, the welfare technology sector and the pharmaceutical sector. The government designated the medical device industry as a strategic sector for growth in 2009 and Korea develops and offers world-class medical equipment through qualified technologies and continuous investments.

The Danish healthcare system has been an inspiration for the South Korean health authorities since the deployment of the hospital ship Jutlandia in 1951. As in Denmark, the South Korean healthcare system provides high quality care based on universal coverage. South Korea sees and recognizes Denmark as a leading country in its ability to deliver high quality health services and products. During the official Royal visit, the delegation will meet key decision makers from South Korean health authorities and top hospitals. By joining the delegation, you will get the opportunity to engage in a dialogue with policy makers and business partners in your field.