Guidelines on Etiquette

During export promotions with attendance by the Royal Family, the Trade Council usually receives enquiries about how to interact with Their Royal Highnesses The Crown Prince and The Crown Princess. First and foremost, it should be highlighted that one should always act naturally and politely in the presence of Their Royal Highnesses, similar to the way one would interact with important business partners. In that sense, you can present your company, visions or products in your own words, no differently than you would do with high-level business delegates.

Nonetheless, here are a few polite phrases that can be used as an etiquette guideline whilst in the company of Their Royal Highnesses.

Etiquette for in-person introductions and receiving lines 

Introducing yourself

When you greet His or Her Royal Highness it is a polite gesture to give a small handshake whilst either bowing with the head and neck (men) or curtseying (women) and say "It’s a pleasure to meet Your Royal Highness(es)".

If you engage in a longer conversation with His or Her Royal Highness, please introduce yourself with your name, company and title:

"My name is xxx and I am the "position xxx" of company xxx".
It is a courtesy to address HRH The Crown Prince and HRH The Crown Princess with "Your Royal Highness" during a conversation or address them in the third person.

When addressing in Danish

På dansk er det muligt at bruge Deres Kongelige Højhed eller Kronprinsen eller Kronprinsessen, når man tiltaler Kronprinsen eller Kronprinsessen. Eksempelvis:

"Det er en glæde at møde Deres Kongelige Højhed"

"Her kan Kronprinsen/Kronprinsessen se den nyeste del af produktionen"

"Deres Kongelige Højhed er velkommen til at se udstillingen"

You are welcome to address The Crown Prince and The Crown Princess in either Danish or English.

Introducing someone else – a contact/client etc.

If you would like to introduce another person to His or Her Royal Highness, you may do so as you would at any business or trade promotion event. For example: "May I introduce Your Royal Highness(es) to XXX. (S)he is "position xx" at "company xx", and they have been/are/manufacture/produce…"

Showcasing products

Some of the meeting opportunities at different events may involve opportunity to showcase your company and products.

As a general rule you should not directly invite Their Royal Highnesses to try or test your product. Instead you are welcome to introduce and/or elaborate on the production process, the idea behind the product, material selection etc.

For example: "Here Your Royal Highness(es) may see some examples of our most recent products, which are available to sample. The product is made of….", "Here Your Royal Highness(es) can see XX product which we are launching this fall. It is designed for comfort and ease of use" etc.